Vigo - Spain

1.       Name and Location Operation & Maintenance of Potable Water And Sewage Utilities  VIGO, Spain
2.       Client/Owner VIGO MUNICIPALITY
3.       Applicability
  • Operation and Maintenance of Water Network
  • Operation and Maintenance of Potable Pumping Station
  • Operation and Maintenance of Sewage Pumping Station
  • Operation and Maintenance of Sewage Network
4.       Description


Description Comments
No. of WTP operated 2 units, 130,000 m³/day & 21,600 m³/day
No. of WWTP operated 1 unit, 25,920 m³/day
Population served (drinking water) 292,817 inhabitants
No of customers 122,220 Customers flowmeters
Maximum capacity of the transmission system 80,000 m³/day
Length of potable water supply network 1,030 km, from 50 mm to 700 mm
Length of wastewater network 1,095 km, from 300 mm to 2,100 mm
Number of Potable Jockey Pumps 27 Units, 2,049 kW
Number of Potable Pumping Stations 10 Units, 1,907 m³/h each
Number of Sewage Pumping Stations 30 Units, 43,200 m³/day
Overhead tanks 21 Units, 199,580 m³


The invoicing figures for the operation and maintenance service are:

– Total Annual invoicing: per year: €40 Million, OMR 17.10 Million

5.      History of Operations: 

Mode of operation: Continuous (24hrs/day x 7days/week)

Commencement date: 1st January 1991

Minimum duration of contract: 30 years

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