TSE Project - Riyadh

1.       Name and Location Treat Sewage Effluent Project Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
2.       Client/Owner National Water Company of Saudi Arabia
3.       Applicability
  • Operation and Maintenance of Sewage Pumping Station
  • Operation and Maintenance of Sewage Network
4.       Description


Description Comments
No. of pumping stations operated 5 units,
Maximum capacity of the system 474,000 m³/day for the entire system
Population served (drinking water) 292,817 inhabitants
Number of pumps inside pump stations 25 units (from 250 m³/h to 1,500 m³/h) @ head from 20m to 220m
Range of pressure From 2 Bar to 25 Bar
Length of water supply network 185 km (from 400 mm to 1,600 mm)
Overhead tanks 3 Units, from 3,000 to 20,000 m³/h capacity


5.      History of Operations: 

Mode of operation: Continuous (24hrs/day x 7days/week)

Commencement date: 1st July 2017

Minimum duration of contract: 4 years operations

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