Salamanca City Council – Environment Department

1.       Name and Location Municipal Water Services Salamanca, Spain
2.       Client/Owner Salamanca City Council
3.       Applicability
  • Operation and Maintenance of Water Network
  • Operation and Maintenance of Potable Pumping Station
  • Operation and Maintenance of Sewage Pumping Station
  • Operation and Maintenance of Sewage Network
  • Operation and Maintenance of Waste Water Infrastructure
4.       Description


Description Comments
Treatment capacity 550,000.00 inhabitants
Wastewater Mean flow rate, complete treatment 117,504 m³/d
Installed cogeneration power 1.10 MW
Dehydration treatment capacity 35,260.00 t wet matter/year
Potable Water Supply Volume 54,383.5616 m³/day
Potable Network Length 414 Km, up to 1,200 mm diameter
Sewage Network Length 365 Km, up to 2,500 mm diameter
Operation & Maintenance of Customer Meters 70,893 meters, up to 100 mm diameter
Implementation and update for GIS
Implementation and update for Networks Monitoring System
Pumping Stations 7 Units @ 7,956 m³/h each
Lifting Stations 32 Units, 5,693 kW @ 60m each


The invoicing figures for the operation and maintenance service are:

– Total Annual invoicing: per year: €23 Million, OMR 9.84 Million

5.      History of Operations: 

– That the company FCC Aqualia, S.A., is the current contractor for the Public Drinking Water Supplied, Drainage and Treatment Service in Salamanca, and has been since 1 January 1997. Said contract had an initial duration of 25 years, and was extended up until 31 December 2026.

– This Public Authority has no record of any declaration or action of any kind indicating that said service is being performed improperly or defectively, the services being delivered in a satisfactory manner.

– The contract with FCC Aqualia includes the operation and maintenance of the service infrastructure, including in particular the WWTP and the Collector Network.

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