DMA Implementation and Leakage Reduction Project - Riyadh

1.       Name and Location DMA Implementation and Leakage Reduction Project Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
2.       Client/Owner National Water Company of Saudi Arabia
3.       Applicability
  • Operation and Maintenance of Water Network
  • Operation and Maintenance of Potable Pumping Station
4.       Description


Description Comments
No. of district metered areas (DMA) 150 DMA
No. of water distribution network household connections 449,014 units
Length of water distribution network 7,277 km, with diameter from 150 mm to 300 mm.
GIS implementation Implemented to all network and design of the DMAs of 7,277 km; considered as 46 % of Riyadh total network length.
Isolation of all implemented DMAs With Smart detection and repair of leaks
Optimization and control of non-revenue water (Sectorization, control of pressures in the water distribution network, micro and macro metering) – Calculation of rate of loss in the DMAs
Implementation and SCADA Integration 362 flowmeters and 100 pressure loggers according to the existing Master Plan. – Implementation of 16 valves in chamber with diameters ranging from 400 to 800 mm according to the existing Master Plan.


5.      History of Operations: Commencement date: 23rd April 2011

Initial handover date: 14th February 2017

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